You in?

Viva L'Italia!

When it comes to weddings, the Italians do it right. Long drawn out weddings are not our thing, and we're sure they're not yours, either.


Eat pizza, drink Italian wine, and drink more Italian wine - it would be rude not to!


With a venue on the lake front and a proper summer, it's a great excuse for a day off work.


We've got a late wedding, a later meal, and dancing until they force us to stop.

29th May 2017


Villa Carlotta

We wanted a smaller, more intimate wedding, and in Villa Carlotta we found an incredible venue. Sitting on the lakeside, it is possible for all of our guests to head out onto Lake Como itself after we're done, which shouldn't be long - Italian civil wedding ceremonies are known for being short and sweet (just like a certain someone!)


We realise that flying to Italy for a wedding is a big ask, so we've put together some answers to questions we've already had (and a few others) to help with all the planning.

Why are you getting married on a Monday?!

It's bank holiday Monday! And not just that, it's the first Monday of May half term. We tried to make it as convenient as possible for everybody to take time off to attend, and this seemed like a great start.

How do I RSVP?

Please send us back the RSVP cards you received with your invites by the first of November, if possible, so that we can plan for numbers! If you need more time to think, or your dog ate your RSVP, or it's covered in red wine rings, we totally understand, and you can let us know here.

For any dietary requirements, scribble them wherever you can (yes, the back is fine!) and send it back to us.

Where's the nearest airport?

The nearest and most convenient airport is Milan Malpensa, which is around a 45 minute drive from Lake Como. Direct flights to Malpensa fly from Edinburgh, Birmingham and London. Other airports include Milan Linate and Milan Bergamo, but these both have around an 80 minute drive to Lake Como. No matter which you pick, Lake Como is easy to reach from Milan, even if you don't fancy paying for a transfer.

From Milan Malpensa, you can catch the Malpensa Express train, which only has one change in Saronna, going on to Como Lago (details can be found here). From Como Lago, take the C10 bus, or if you're feeling native, grab a ferry across the lake to Tremezzo, where you'll hopefully be staying. If you're flying in to Milan Linate, take the shuttle bus to Milan Central Station (approximately 20 minutes), then take the train to Como S Giovanni (around 40 minutes). From there, take the C10 bus (usually signposted Colico or Menaggio). Tremezzo is the first village after Mezzegra.

These are just just two options that we've looked at, however there are lots of different ways to get to the lake. Further information on public transport can be found here.

When should we arrive?

We're trying to make this wedding a party for everyone, so our answer will be the same to everyone - whenever you want! We'll be around the weekend before, either riding vespas, wandering old streets, drinking wine, or eating Italian food; feel free to join us!

Where should we stay?

There are so many places to stay on and around the lake that we too are wondering where to stay! Thankfully, we have an incredible pair of feet on the ground in Aurora Fallini, who has helped us organise everything so far. Feel free to contact her, and she will be happy to help you find a great place, whatever the budget. A few we've seen so far are:

If you want to start looking now, the best areas are Tremezzo, Lenno, Cadenabbia, and Menaggio. You can see a map of the area below. Our reception will be held at Al Veluu, so we'd suggest a hotel on the western side of the lake - that is, unless you fancy swimming, or waiting for the first ferry in the morning, you dirty stop out, you.

We're going out to visit in November, so if you don't mind waiting to book your hotels, we'll have much better recommendations when we get back.

What's the plan?

We're still working on the plan for the big day. We are also planning a get together on the night of the 28th, for all who can make it.

Where's the gift list?

There isn't one! Well wishes are all that we ask for... although we have been known to be partial to the odd bottle of red wine!

Get involved!

We've made a collaborative playlist, and are hoping you'll be able to come up with some great tracks to make the soundtrack of our day.

Where are we going?

We've included a map below, to help you see where everything is going to be.

See you there!

Abbi and Chris